Monday, October 19, 2015

Reading Round-Up

Ciao bellas. Thanks for all the Filthy Casket love the last couple of weeks. We're getting good feedback, and nothing makes us happier. (Okay, maybe books make us happier. And puppies. And Star Wars. But nothing else!)

We've got a great bunch of book-related links from around the interwebs!

Liz is a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. Are any of you? Check out this list of little known facts about the Mad Hatter.

We've dissed romance novels quite a few times on this blog, but here's a list of 13 such books that allegedly must be on every woman's list. Maybe we'll have to give them a chance?

Strand Book Store is keepin' it real, telling us what book we could buy instead of wasting money on America's beloved Pumpkin Spice Lattes. (Also, how perfect is "coffee industrial complex" ??????)

We literally expelled lots of laughs out loud while reading this Twitter war between two book publishers.

Charlotte may or may not be addicted to lists, and after reading this, she's considering making her own list of books to read in the winter. (You're forewarned.)

Do you love plot twists? Or do you loathe them? Are you known to google the plots of the books you're reading to avoid heartache? If you love them, you might be interested in these books with killer plot twists. (Not literally killers. We think...)

Did you love Friends? (Mixed opinions over here.) If so, check out this list of novels that might be right for you!

Maybe you're Christian, maybe you're not, but this list of books that are influenced by the Bible is stellar. Superman! Harry Potter! The list goes on. 

We all know Buzzfeed loves quizzing us! Hop over and take this quiz to see which series you ought to read (based on your favorite Harry Potter character, of course!).

Not really into reading fiction? Depending on your reasons, maybe you'll enjoy one of these books for people who tend to hate novels.

It would be weird and very self-promoting to link to our own superb list of books to read in your twenties, wouldn't it? Alright, so we won't mention that...


If you like Russian literature, maybe you'll fancy giving one of these books a read?

Here's a really helpful list of YA books coming to stores this season, if that's what you dig.

And we enjoyed this list of short novels you could read in a day, although... not entirely convinced that all of these are quite that short. Maybe 2-3 days.

And that's all for this time. Stay tuned.

Liz & Char

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