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Welcome to Filthy Casket Book Reviews! …where we review books. 

Liz and Charlotte have been friends ever since they shared a bag of Swedish Fish in kindergarten. Just kidding, it was during college. They were literally adults. Sharing candy. And bonding. They’ve been fairly inseparable ever since. 

In addition to a fondness of fruity candy, Liz and Char share a real love for literature. They both aspire to have personal libraries one day, and both happily hoard piles of books they’ll likely never get around to reading, because they’re constantly busy buying or renting new books. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

Char already shares book reviews on her page, and Liz does so on Goodreads, so they figured why not mash their reviews on to one cohesive site? After all, F is for Friends who do stuff together. And thus was born this blog.

“But, why did they name their blog “Filthy Casket?” 

Well really, why not? The real story, though, is a boring one. Neither Liz nor Char could get the creative juices flowing, and Charlotte, ever the impatient one, said, “I’m just going to get a dictionary, flip to a random page and close my eyes! Whatever word I land on, we’ll use!” 

But then her finger landed on “sir-up.” “Single” after that, followed by “filthy” and “casket.”

And Liz, the encourager, said, “Filthy Casket is so strange I actually like it.” The two decided it was gleefully funny, and it would work well for a book review site. “Is this romance novel fabulously filthy? Or does it kick the bucket?”

Neither of them read romance novels, but you understand the point, right?

They’re so glad you’re here and they solemnly swear to never write in third person again. They hope you enjoy the wild ride through this world of books.             

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