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Alright folks, let’s set the stage for my “about me” section- add some ambiance, if you will. Please play “Who Am I?” from Les Miserables while reading this since it was literally all I could think of when I tried to start writing this damn thing.

So, who am I? (Hint: I am not 24601) I’m Liz, I’m 24, a Virgo, apparently the yin to Charlotte’s yang, and coauthor for the Filthy Casket Book Reviews. For whatever reason (I don’t know, caring about people and our planet or something) I’m super committed to social and environmental justice, so I make my living in the world of environmental policy, but in another life I totally would be a librarian just to be with books all the time.

Fun story, my first on-campus job (work-study, holla) as a student was as an assistant in the library and it was AWESOME.

Anyway, I love reading, and I always have. My mom used to punish me as a kid by banning me from watching TV, but then she realized that that punishment didn’t faze me because books, so then she would ban me from reading. I also really enjoy critically analyzing books because, if nothing else, I am a raging nerd, so that’s what a lot of my reviews will probably be like.

Picking my favorite genre is always a challenge- when someone asks me I’m usually like “uhhh…I just read the back and see if the book sounds interesting?????” But if I’m being serious, like Charlotte, I love dystopian novels. I also enjoy books with an element of fantasy and coming-of-age novels (because I’m still struggling with the concept of growing up…).

Besides reading, I spend an absurd amount of time on Tumblr, hanging out with my two dumb cats (and my boyfriend, whatever), running, and a mix of other sports now and then (namely horseback riding and snowboarding).

And that's a wrap. You can stop listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack now. Hope you enjoy the blog!


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