About Char

Hey hey hey. I’m Charlotte.

I suppose I’m the yang to Liz’s yin. She writes stellar and intricate book reviews while I mostly fumble around to write a poorly executed joke and then spend approximately 27 minutes laughing about it. I’m so super stoked to be coauthoring this blog with her. 

But I’m supposed to be using this page to write about me, so…

I’m 25 (and single, heyyyyy guys) and love reading and writing or really anything that can be done while I drink a cup of tea and eat a piece of pie.  

What’s your favorite genre, Charlotte?

Harry!  Potter!

Can you be serious for two seconds, Char?

FINE. I’m quite fond of mystery and I really adore dystopia novels. My favorite author is probably Agatha Christie. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t read that much when I was little, so… I’m a slightly slow reader now. I mean, it’s cool. I can read. Just at a snail’s pace. I’ve made it a priority to read as much as possible, and I’ve even been working toward my goal of writing my own book – I finished the first chapter and everything! I think writing book reviews often will help me become a better writer. It keeps my critical eyes sharp. 

My other hobbies include hiking, playing basketball, drawing, eating wonton soup at least once a week, and crying over pretty landscapes. Oh! And blogging over here
I hope you enjoy the site! And I promise to write reviews with all the vivacity and wit I can muster.*

*that might not be that much      


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