Monday, October 5, 2015

Reading Round-Up

Howdy. We've got some great reviews coming up this week, but first(!) check out these book-related links from around the web!

Do you have a dog? Or, or! Are you thinking about getting a pup? Click on over to this list of books about dogs. Gretchen Rubin, list-maker, said that she enjoyed the memoirs even more than the how-to books, so maybe a few of these books would be good even if you're not considering a new pet love.

We've already shared this over on our facebook page, but in case you missed it, take a gander: 43 Books You Won't Be Able to Stop Talking About. (Charlotte is a little pissed that Harry Potter isn't on the list.)

We all find it hard to make time for reading when we're super busy, but what if you're a parent? Is it possible??? Check out this blogger's take right here.

Did you know that certain books are banned in prisons? What do you think - is that okay?

Loved this Reading Challenge! (Although... is it weird that they just posted this with only a few more months to go in 2015?) Thinking we might need to make our very own Filthy Casket Reading Challenge for 2016!

Mindy Kaling's new book is out (a FC review will pop up sometime in the next couple of weeks, swear it) and apparently it's terrific.

And how about some oldies but goodies? 

It's almost always a good idea to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and read oft-hilarious reviews of Twilight.

And last but never least! We're both big fans of Emma Watson (Liz especially), so this list of books she's mentioned could be a nice starting place for a future reading challenge.

That's it for now! Keep your eyes peeled for some of our upcoming reviews this week. One of them is a review for a book about pie. Everyone loves pie. 

-Liz & Char 

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