Monday, October 12, 2015

Pie in the Sky

By Charlotte 
Book Review: The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book - Uncommon Recipes From the Celebrated Brooklyn Pie Shop by Emily Elsen and Melissa Elsen
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This book was given to me as a Christmas gift and I love it. There are so many great things about it.  The authors are sisters who run a pie shop and the way they write about their family, their history, and their work is really endearing. It’s also well organized, which is great for me. I’m easily distracted and I tend to feel a little overwhelmed if I don’t have clear cut ways of doing things.  IT’S SO HARD TO LIVE. But yeah, the book. The recipes are organized by season! It’s so terrific to not have to go real nutsy looking for a recipe and just turning to that season’s page instead. Boom: right there, right now.

Another terrific thing? It’s aesthetically pleasing. I know that’s not the single most important thing, but for me it adds to the overall quality of a book, especially a book of this nature. ~eat with your eyes~ This book is really beautiful. I won’t lie, I’m known to just randomly pluck it off the shelf to look at it for no reason. It’s just so lovely.

I should win an award for this stellar photography.
I use recipes for meals from the internet fairly often, but I enjoy using recipes from books more. That’s true for all kinds of food, but definitely for desserts. I don’t know, it’s a quirk. This book includes over 60 recipes (around 50-ish for pies and some more for different kinds of crusts) and so is a great resource to have on hand at any moment.

And lucky thing, because I love pie. LOVE PIE. So there is really no better thing than a big fat book filled with all the info I need. BECAUSE I LOVE PIE.

See? I love it.
(Also, do you love Gilmore Girls? You SHOULD love Gilmore Girls. And if you're a true fan, you know pie is a beloved dessert of the GG. Lorelai would buy this book. She'd never use it, but she'd have it. Sookie would use it. If you love Gilmore Girls, you should probably own this book.)

If you want a general dessert book, I don’t know if this is the book for you because it’s just pie. No cake or muffins or anything. But if you know where it’s at and have recognized that pie is THE prime dessert anyway, then good gravy, go buy this book! There are pies for EVERY season. It’s perfect for any kind of party you might be hosting.

This book was so good, you might say.... it's to pie for.* 



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