Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reading Round-Up

It has been a hot minute since we've posted a Reading Round-Up. Forgive us. We've seen a bunch of great book-related things on the internet that we're excited to share. 

Most importantly, perhaps, given the recent events in Dallas, the continued unjust killing of black men by police in this country, and the growing protests are these three articles: 

Of course, sometimes you just want to cope by picking up a favorite book or series (a la Harry Potter, LotR, a Jane Austen, you know). That's cool too. 

I (Charlotte) am starting to enjoy science fiction and fantasy more than I ever thought was possible. I saw this article of May's best sci-fi picks a couple weeks ago and I've had my eye on The Admiral ever since. Something that's compared to The Martian and Jurassic Park has got to be good.

This computer "reads" books and then creates a graph to show how the books made it feel (happy or sad). It is pretty wild. And it makes Jane Eyre look like book goals with it's constant ups and downs. 

Modern Mrs. Darcy is reading a few books right now solely because they were recommended by her husband and kids. (The book recommended by her husband sounds particularly good.) Do you all read books just because your family/friends ask you to? We're of the opinion that the best kinds of friends are the ones who read your book recommendations! 

Sharing this simply because the title is funny: 31 Books You Need to Bring to the Beach This Summer. Yes! Me, my beer, and my thirty one books. Kidding aside, there are some good ones on there. Love Walked In is one of my favorites. 

Buzzfeed also took to Facebook to share one of their oldies - a list of books to read in your twenties.

Listen Buzzfeed, we're happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Filthy Casket had one of the best 20's Book Lists of all time.  


We are looking forward to Gilmore Girls with just as much excitement as the next person. Looks like Lauren Graham's new book, in which she talks about the show and her life in between filming the original and the new episodes, is coming out in November. Yes!

Speaking of TV, here's a little something to infuriate us all: a show based on Nancy Drew won't be airing because it's "too female," supposedly. Ugh.

I'm always looking for Harry Potter tattoo ideas, so I was happy to see this list of "insane" HP tattoos and this list of "subtle" HP tattoos (tbh most of them aren't subtle). I am positively smitten with the idea of an outline of Hogwarts for a tattoo! 

Speaking of Harry Potter, we're both in agreement with these people - there should be a Harry Potter Go app (similar to the new super popular Pokemon app). WHAT FUN. Yer a wizard, Harry. 

And since we're sort of on a Harry Potter roll now.... some people think that J.K Rowling is going overboard with all of the Harry Potter-related things she keeps creating. We are not some of these people. Please, Queen Rowling, never stop bringing us to the Wizarding World. Also, if you're a fan, go check this out. Amazing!! And one last HP-post! Here's an oldie but goodie - your Middle Earth race based on your Hogwarts house! (Or just cheat: Gryffindor: Dwarf, Hufflepuff: Hobbit, Ravenclaw: Elf, Slytherin: Wizard.)

We both read this article that assigns literary characters to Meyers-Briggs personality types. We're of mixed opinions overall, but both think there are some discrepancies (Dudley's "sorting" seemed off to me). 

And, finally - obsessed with this Pinterest page for book-lovers.

Til next time!
Liz & Char 

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