Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reading Round-Up

Hello! It's the happiest and merriest and most wonderful time of the year! (Current events notwithstanding.) With the end of the year comes a steady flow of "Best Books Of 2015" posts, which makes for some good reading! Check out some of our favorites here, as well as some other terrific book-related posts! 

Because we're conceited buttheads, let's start with Charlotte's post about her favorite books over on THL. Any you've read make the list? 

Have you seen NPR's book concierge yet? It's pretty fabulous! We highly suggest you take a peak and see if ya strike a fancy to any of those killer books (The Tsar of Love and Techno made the list, of course!).

Reading Harry Potter is even better when you're an adult. Check out what this writer over at Bustle has to say about the evolution of lessons she learned from Harry Potter.

Have you considered writing your own book? What do you think of these tips on creating a writing plan?

Buzzfeed selected their favorite fiction books of the year, and while we think there are some stellar-sounding books on that list... it's a bummer that it's mostly just contemporary fiction. More books! We want more books!

Came across this list of books that will make you more interesting on Pinterest and totally love it! We've read a few of them ourselves, and some are on our list of Books to Read in Your Twenties!

We've had our fair share of assigned and/or recommended reading throughout high school and college, and we've definitely kept some of our favorite texts! So we thought this article on books you'll want to read again as an adult was intriguing. Are there any books you'd like to re-read as an adult? Charlotte thinks it'd be great to reread Animal Farm (first read in sixth grade, about 12 years ago) and Liz would love to reread Heart of Darkness.

Charlotte is personally of the opinion that LOTR and HP are on the same level, and that no other books can compare, but here, read this article about books that are allegedly as enchanting as the HP series.

December means Christmas means gift guides means gift guides specifically for book lovers means gift guides specifically for lovers of Harry Potter means gift guides specifically for people who have chosen Hermione Granger as their favorite HP character. Enjoy. (Swooning over this one.) We also loved this list of gifts for English majors - not aptly titled! It's a list of gifts for writers and for book lovers alike! Liz is fond of that dope ass reading lamp and Charlotte likes the "Shhh" light.

Loving the winners of Goodread's best books!

Here's an article that lists books with "unexpected hot sex scenes." "Hot" is relative, tho.

We also liked The New York Times list of 100 notable books of 2015.

I love the holidays and we don't mind the occasional YA book, but.. damn, some of these books sound corny.

Ah, this was sweet. Authors share the books they're thankful for.

And, oh! Are you Catholic? Or do you like Pope Francis? Or do you want to live like Jesus, hollah?! Today starts the year long Jubilee of Mercy, and Pope Francis has suggested reading Dante's Divine Comedy. Charlotte's read Inferno, and Purgatory and Paradise are on the list! This year is the year!

Best Book Quotes! Throw it on a poster, bro. 

Do you have a kid who loves graphic novels? Or, maybe you love them! Mighty Girl has compiled a list of terrific graphic novels.

Really, really enjoyed this article explaining how a few literary characters got their names! Coming up with names for characters is no easy task. 

And finally, from Modern Mrs. Darcy, a list of books that you *should* have read in high school, but are worth reading now. (As part of a reading challenge! we love reading challenges!)

And that's it for this round! 
Stay tuned for a list of our favorite books we've read this year! 

Liz & Char

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